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University of South Dakota

Project Description

Located at the north side of the campus, this facility anchors the west side of the Sports Complex. In order to serve the domed football stadium, the facility is attached and connects to it via a pedestrian concourse. The primary challenge encountered during our commissioning work was with the Construction Manager at Risk project delivery method. This contractural arrangement typically emphasizes budget and schedule over scope and quality. As a result, it was important to help this individual understand the need to focus on quality issues as well, to insure the successful completion of the project.

The Judd Allen Group consistently worked with the individual in charge and led him to understand that our goals were mutual. Increasingly, he began to see the value of JAG's input and how our involvement could ultimately lead to a successful outcome without compromising the budget or schedule.

Scope of Service

  • Vapor Containment

  • Fenestration

  • Metal Panels

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