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Minnesota Twins Ball Field

Project Description

The Judd Allen Group provided exterior enclosure review and recommendations for successful detailing and construction for Minnesota climate and construction requirements, and defined critical exterior enclosure construction systems in collaboration with design architects and the construction team. During construction documents, JAG advised the project team on critical building enclosure systems, and details, while simultaneously reviewing overall project documents, as part of a fast track design/construction process.

While working in twice weekly communication with the design architects, the JAG team provided functional review, rationale, and recommendations for the successful design and construction of the exterior envelope and all wet areas of the Ballpark. These areas included:

  • Exterior wall, decks, floors and roof construction

  • Windows, curtainwall, and entrance door systems

  • Sealants, vapor barriers, air barriers, and flashing

  • Brick and stone masonry, expansion joints, and relief joints

  • Interior waterproofing

  • Exterior waterproofing above and below grade

  • Roof flashing, coping, drains, leaders, along with coordination with adjacent materials

  • Fire stops at exterior wall systems

  • Restroom and food service, water service locations

  • Coordination of mechanical duct work and piping systems with the architectural plans

With regular site observations throughout the construction period, JAG was able to facilitate and advise the coordination and installation issues throughout the aggressive construction schedule.

Scope of Service:

  • Exterior Enclosure Consulting

  • Design Development Phase Plan Review

  • Construction Document Phase Plan Review

  • Construction Phase, Observation, Verification, Reporting

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