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Our History

Judd Allen Group is well known and highly respected by their long list of satisfied clients who continue to use them almost exclusively for enclosure assistance.  These clients place primary importance in maintaining and constructing quality facilities and seek the best knowledge and experience for their projects.  Judd Allen Group puts all their energy into striving for project excellence and in building lasting relationships.  They educate project teams in the course of their work which allows project teams to adjust goals and methodologies in response to enclosure requirements as the project moves toward completion.


The Judd Allen Group (JAG) has been a leader in the Minnesota architectural community with roots of experience that date back over 30 years. The firm was established by licensed architect, Judd Peterson and while launching this new corporation in 1998, Judd Peterson also continued as Vice President and Principal of the firm Richard A. Peterson Associates, Inc., a firm that he joined in 1983 shortly after its own 1980 launch. 


In 2000, Judd Peterson became President of both firms and consolidated them as the Judd Allen Group.   JAG focuses on assisting building owners and managers with exceptional service rooted in a high level of technical performance, and partnering with stakeholders to produce the best solutions.  Our services include enclosure commissioning and design, project management, field management, and extraordinary customer service and support to our valued clients. 


David Pederson joined Judd Allen Group in 2009 to lead our colleges and universities commissioning program.  He also successfully expanded our territorial reach into North and South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska with projects in the realm of transportation and academia.  The firm ownership transitioned to Dave in January of 2015.  Judd has generously agreed to stay on as an adviser and part time employee managing our litigation and forensic work.  As president, Dave hopes to solidify and expand our reputation as a leader in the critical field of enclosure commissioning while continuing to provide our friends and clients with great service, and forming new relationships with owners, design professionals and builders.  We value our friends and clients, and approach them as full partners in our work with an eye toward building long term relationships.


On behalf of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and ASTM, Judd Peterson is currently a member of the NIBS board of directors leading the development of nationally recognized certifications in Building Enclosure Commissioning.




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